My personal riding, training and competing started when I was very young. I was blessed to have a family that knew the importance of lessons and I started out training under several rail class trainers that specialized in Arabians and Paint horses.


I learned to ride both Hunt Seat and Western and was deeply involved in 4-H. I later went on to study under several dressage/jump trainers and also learned how to ride Saddle Seat. Growing up in Minnesota we had all around types of shows with speed events as well as rail classes.


I have always loved barrel racing and pole bending and is something I still do to this day. I've studied the teachings of many trainers and have developed my own system, also working under several gaited horse trainers.

My philosophy has evolved into one of mutual trust and respect between horse and rider. I believe horses are athletes and train them as such. The start to their training is all the same no matter what I'm training them for. I want them all soft in the bridle, flexing not only laterally, but at the poll. I want them to know how to move off the leg, move square and keep their shoulders up in the turns and also use their hindquarters properly for stopping and turning. It's the basis of everything I do as I believe when a horse is round, square and soft you can teach it anything. From there I will take a horse in any direction an owner wants to go. Even if you only plan to trail ride I believe you get a better ride from a horse that has these basic skills. 

I believe in consistency, and firm but empathetic handling. A horse that never learns to say no, will be an obedient one and a horse that is respected will show respect. I take pride in being open minded and multidisciplinary rather than sticking to one breed or style of riding. I'm a lover of all horses and see the beauty in all styles of riding.

I love to work with owners to communicate with their horses and become a great team that will feel confident with each other once they leave my facility.